Best Paper Award

Anik Momtaz, Niraj Basnet, Houssam Abbas and Borzoo Bonakdarpour
Predicate Monitoring in Distributed Cyber-physical Systems [details]

Note from the Award Committee:
The paper tackles a challenging problem for distributed cyber-physical systems, namely how to perform runtime monitoring in the absence of a global clock, and in the context of analog signals and continuous time. This is an important and highly relevant problem with many practical applications. The technical contributions of the paper span both theory and practice. These include a novel theoretical formulation of the problem and an efficient SMT-based solution method. The authors also show impressive experimental results from applications to both real-world and simulated cyber-physical systems. The paper itself is of an extremely high quality and presents the contributions clearly and effectively.

Test of Time Award

Eugene Asarin, Alexandre Donzé, Oded Maler, and Dejan Nickovic
Parametric Identification of Temporal Properties (RV 2011) [details]

Note from the Award Committee:
We were presented with a very strong set of nominations, but converged on this paper for a number of reasons. It goes without saying that the work itself is of very high quality: it introduced PSTL, a parameterized temporal logic with dense time and real-valued signals; it poses the inverse problem of parameter identification -- a class of problems of growing importance; it develops the theory of two different methods to solve this problem; and it presents preliminary experimental results with two different implementations. Committee members particularly liked the framing of the parameter identification problem, and the balanced blend of theory and implementation. From a “test of time” perspective, we also evaluated overall impact on the research community. Here, we noted that even just the formulation and introduction of PSTL alone has influenced a large number of researchers in the community. Putting this all together, we were happy to select this paper for the award.